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Our Designer Cavapoo puppies are F2B Variations. An F2B Cavapoo is created when an F2 Cavapoo is bred with a Poodle. This is a way to get a higher percentage of Poodle characteristics.  So the F2B Cavapoo has increased odds of being non-shedding and hypoallergenic. There is no major difference in male versus female puppies.

Usually this generation will have a curly, higher-maintenance coat, similar to a Poodle. But it also means that it could be a good choice for dog lovers with allergies. You may hear this generation referred to as a Multigen Cavapoo. This label can be applied to any generation beyond an F2 Cavapoo. F2B and other Multigen Cavapoos tend to cost a bit more than F1 or F2 Cavapoos.

Our Cavapoos have a sweet, calm, and loving temperament. They have a medium energy level. This is a great breed if you are looking for an apartment dog or for first-time dog owners as they are very loyal and social. Potty training is normally easy with consistency. They are a good choice for all ages and therefore make great service dogs. Our Cavapoos range in sizes of 10-15 pounds and are 6-9 inches tall. Their life expectancy is 11-16 years.

Cavapoo Puppies

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Wonderful Experience. We could not have been any happier with our experience with BerrysCavapoo! From the initial phone call, all the updates on our puppy, and right up to the moment our puppy arrived home. I highly recommend using Berrys Cavapoo Puppies if you are looking for your perfect puppy!
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Jennifer B
This was the most pleasant and professional experience we have ever had purchasing our newest family member! The communication was excellent, and BerrysCavapoo was great to stay up to date until our little Millie came home. Thanks again
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Theresa M
I would highly recommend BerrysCavapoo for those looking for a new puppy! The service and dedication to the health and safety of the puppy and their arrival to your home is their top priority. I couldn’t be happier with my new new puppies than I am. Well done Berrys Cavapoo Puppies!!!
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Dustin c
Super easy transaction. Very helpful and accomodating. Kept me posted on everything that was going on with my puppy. My puppy is healthy and beautiful but she is definitely a puppy and does puppy things
Cavapoo Puppies
Tommy G
Fantastic customer service, puppy arrived healthy, safe, clean and an absolute adorable little girl! First time I ever purchased a puppy w/o seeing them in person first and was very nervous…worked out amazingly well and have recommended to my daughter who will use Berrys Cavapoo Puppies also.
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Mark H
We have had a perfect experience with BerrysCavapoo. Everything has been working perfectly, puppy is healthy, happy, and so smart We highly recommend Berrys Cavapoo Puppies to all our friends for a beautiful experience with a most honest efficient company. The puppy always comes first! Thank you so much.
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Karen S

At Berrys Cavapoo, Find Your New Best Friend!

Berrys Cavapoo is a family, in-home run breeding program. We have the dad and 3 different moms on site as our loyal family companions.


Poodles have fewer health issues than many other AKC breeds. Additionally the hybrid vigor which results from out-cross breeding means that Cavapoos are typically healthy dogs.


Poodles are one of the smartest (and easiest to train) dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with another breed almost always makes a smarter puppy.


Cavapoos typically shed very little and are recommended for families with allergies or those who don’t want to mess with constant dog hair.

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At Berrys Cavapoo, we specialize in Cavapoo varieties that are usually great with kids and other people. Families looking for a Loving Companion often find Cavapoos to be a great fit. Research has proven that Dog Ownership can be a great blessing for children.


Many families like the teddy-bear look of Cavapoo Puppies. We often get the comment that Cavapoo pups look “too cute to be real.”


We raise our puppies using early neurological stimulation. This offers them a variety of different touches and sensations to learn to help them grow.

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